We characterize cells – using deep molecular profiling and AI

provides specialized solutions in multiomics, single-cell technologies, bioinformatics, immune repertoire profiling, and AI/ML/statistics to tackle challenging R&D projects (in academia, biotech, pharma)

We do so with Commitment, Clarity, Conscience and Clean Code. We work as your partners, shoulder to shoulder. And if we can’t do it, we will find you someone who can.

Our Services

Our services include (a) in-depth analysis of “omics” projects (b) clear communication of results with actionable insights, and (c) strategic guidance. Our clients are biotech and labs who need services in:

  • Whole genome bulk and single-cell analysis
  • Adaptive immune-repertoire profiling + V(D)J sequencing
  • Spatial transcriptomics
  • DNA/Chromatin accessibility profiling
  • Antibody sequence-motif response prediction
  • Cellular dynamics (drug response, differentiation, pathway enrichment)
  • Characterizing heterogeneous celltype populations and other changes based on treatment/disorder (or any other phenotype)


  • What is the phenotype of the targeted cells? do they express novel markers? is it a rare cell subtype?
  • Is my experiment design statistically sound? How many samples?
  • What technology is appropriate for my tissue?
  • Which technology (or vendor) to choose? Will I get “vendor-locked” ?
  • How do I conform to data standards? What is CDISC? is it relevant now?
  • How can I safely deploy my model?
  • Which algorithm do I use? What about known and unknown confounders in my data?
  • Will deep-learning solve my problem?

Why choose YugaCell ?

  • You want solutions, not just answers or buzzwords
  • You want a meaningful partnership
  • You want an unbiased second opinion


  • We favor minimalism. We only sell what you need.
  • Although we thrive on cutting-edge science; we believe that science is rarely the bottleneck for innovation and societal change

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