We characterize cells – using deep molecular profiling and AI

provides specialized solutions in multiomics, single-cell technologies, bioinformatics, immune repertoire profiling, and AI/ML/statistics to tackle challenging R&D projects (in academia, biotech, pharma)

We do so with Commitment, Clarity, Conscience and Clean Code

We work as your partners, shoulder to shoulder. And if we can’t do it, we will find you someone who can


Whole genome bulk and single-cell analysis
Immune-repertoire (BCR/TCR) profiling + V(D)J sequencing
DNA/Chromatin accessibility profiling
Spatial transcriptomics
Antibody sequence-motif response prediction
Cellular dynamics (drug response, differentiation, pathway enrichment)
Heterogeneous celltype characterizing based on treatment/disease (or any other phenotype)



We use the right algorithms and statistical approaches to generate actionable insights. If necessary, we use explainable AI/ML techniques too.


From single-cell sequencing and proteomics, to denovo whole genome assembly – we’ve done it all.


At the high-level, we consult on experiment design for sound statistical analysis and clinical validation.


We protect you from getting vendor-locked and explain tradeoffs between various technology platforms.


We have been creating reproducible computational pipelines before “FAIR” was even an acronym. We can tailor software from scratch, or adjust an existing computational pipeline to suit your needs.


We avoid pedantry and navigate the maze of engineering services and cloud providers. Don’t worry about Docker or Singularity, Nextflow or Snakemake, AWS or Azure.

Philosophy - Why choose YugaCell?

  • You want solutions, not just answers or buzzwords
  • We work as your partners, shoulder to shoulder. And if we can’t do it, we will find you someone who can
  • We thrive on state-of-the-art technologies and algorithms — but remain pragmatic
  • We favor minimalism. We only “sell” what you need
  • We understanding that data “preprocessing” and good experiment design is “most of the work”
  • Although we thrive on cutting-edge science; we believe that science is rarely the bottleneck for innovation and societal change


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